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Autopista Régis Bittencourt obtains environmental license for expansion in the Serra do Cafezal

Autopista Régis Bittencourt obtained the release of the Installation License (LI) for the expansion of the 19-kilometer stretch of the Serra do Cafezal, between km 344 and km 363 of BR-116, in Miracatu (SP). The license was issued by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), and published on January 7 in the Diário Oficial da União, which is the government’s official newspaper. With the LI issued, construction is expected to begin in approximately 90 days – the period in which the Concessionaire will address the administrative and environmental conditions listed in the document.

Upon fulfilling these conditions, which are required for authorization to implement the environmental programs related to the flora and fauna, the Concessionaire will be able to start removing vegetation and begin construction. These conditions include collecting water samples, identifying existing fauna, collecting seeds from endangered species and demarcating the areas of intervention for the construction project, as well as the expropriations, detailed in the Master Engineering Plan and approved by the ANTT.

The expansion in the Serra do Cafezal region is the most important project in the concession agreement signed between the concessionaire and the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), given the fact that it is the only single-lane stretch of the highway. The expansion project covers 30 kilometers of the Régis Bittencourt highway, beginning at km 336.7 (Juquitiba-SP) and ending at km 367 (Miracatu-SP). Of these 30 kilometers, 11 kilometers ¬– located between km 336.7 and km 344, and between km 363 and km 367 - have already been expanded and are in operation. Construction of the remaining 19 kilometers should be completed in approximately four years. The total investment in the expansion of BR-116/SP is R$700 million.

Project Details

The expansion project for the 19-kilometer stretch located in the Serra do Cafezal region includes a three-lane highway in the direction of São Paulo and a two-lane highway in the direction of Curitiba. The project involves a series of special works of art, strategically calculated to minimize the impact on the environment. There are 35 bridges and viaducts, covering seven kilometers, and four tunnels covering a total of 1.8 kilometers. The project will require approximately 100,000 cubic meters of concrete and 1.4 million cubic meters of soil. The expansion will help improve the flow of traffic towards the southern region of Brazil, which is essential to strengthening Brazil’s relationship with Mercosur.

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