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Arteris announces its 4Q12 and 2012 Earnings Results

São Paulo, March 05, 2013 – Arteris (Novo Mercado Bovespa: ARTR3) announces its 4Q12 and 2012 consolidated earnings results.

4Q12 and 2012 HIGHLIGHTS

Tolled Traffic: the volume of tolled traffic increased by 3.9% over 4Q11, totaling 181.1 million vehicle equivalents. In 2012, the volume of tolled traffic on the Company’s state and federal concessions totaled 696.7 million vehicle equivalents, growth of 4.1% over 2011

Net Revenue: Net revenue totaled R$819.6 million in 4Q12, 5.4% up on 4Q11, due to higher traffic volume and toll tariff increases. In 2012, net revenue grew by 15% over 2011 to R$3.1 billion

Adjusted EBITDA: Fourth-quarter adjusted EBITDA totaled R$349.4 million, 15.1% more than in 4Q11, accompanied by margin growth of 3.1 p.p. to 66.5%. In 2012 adjusted EBITDA amounted to R$1.3 billion, 10% up on 2011, with a margin of 65.7%

Net Income: Net income came to R$106.7 million in 4Q12, 1.9% more than in 4Q11, and R$403.6 million in 2012

Debt: Net debt closed the year at R$2.4 billion, with cash, cash equivalents and financial investments of R$814.3 million. The leverage ratio, as measured by Net Debt / Adjusted EBITDA less Fixed Concession Charge Payment (last 12 months), stood at 1.9x

Investments: Investments in fixed and intangible assets and highway maintenance totaled R$325.6 million in 4Q12. In 2012, the Company invested R$1.2 billion, 24% more than in 2011, due to the intensification of construction works, chiefly on the federal highways, which absorbed 85% of the total

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