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Company Name: Arteris S.A.

Address: Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 510, 12º Andar, Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, CEP 04543-906
Phone: (11) 3074-2404
Fax: (11) 3074-2405

Corporate Taxpayer ID (CNPJ): 02.919.555/0001-67

CVM Code: 1977-1
CVM Registration as a Publicly-Held Company: July 6, 2005
Investor Relations Officer:Juan Gabriel Lopez Moreno
Independent Auditors:Deloitte Touche Tomahtsu Auditores Independentes

Main Activity: Business related to public services in the highway concession industry, through any type of contract, including, but not limited to, public-private partnerships, authorizations, permits and concessions

Newspapers for Disclosure: Valor Econômico and the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo

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